Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope all my readers have a great Valentines Day! I hope all my female readers get pampered with flowers, candy, jewelry, dinner etc. I hope all my male readers get pampered with... well I think we all know what men like!!! LOL

I doubt I'll be getting flowers at work like I hoped for, maybe Mother's Day, our anniversary, or my birthday will prove to be different. Not that I work tomorrow anyway, but that's not the point, lol.

Bob wanted to get me this really awesome charm bracelet, but they didn't have all the characters to represent all my littles. I told him it was fine because I don't wear the one he got me for Mother's Day, or my Pandora bracelet anyway.

My Valentines Night will be spent in the gym...

Speaking of the gym...

Check out this progress pic!!!

March 2009 and May 2010

February 13, 2011

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