Saturday, February 12, 2011

Getting Ink

Sometime in October/November I decided I wanted to get my first tattoo. I scoured over designs, I talked to artists, I went back and forth between locations on my body, and I talked to friends. I'm finally 100% sure what I want.

I'm going to a shop here in Arlington called Hellbent Tattoos, my artist will be Brad, I have my design picked out (it's a secret though), I know where I'm getting it (also a secret), and I have the price.

I'll be going either on the 19th or the 26th, March 1st at the latest. I'm nervous, but I''m not really nervous about the pain, I'm not nervous about the fact this will be a part of me forever, I'm nervous about going by myself. I want someone there with me.

I'll share pics on the blog after I get it done. While I'm nervous, I'm also really excited!!! I have to thank Stephanie (and her husband) for the design, and Monica, Jason, and Brad (the artist) for the location. I'm so excited I already know what I want my second one to be, assuming I don't chicken out after I get the first one done.

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