Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Randoms...

Happy Friday Skeeberboo readers!!! I hope everyone's week went well and I hope your weekend is even better. Anyone enjoying a three day weekend? The kids around here have to go to school Monday to make up for bad weather days.

As for my weekend...

A friend of mine is coming over today to hopefully help me change the fog lamp on my car because I really don't want to have to take it to Hyundai to pay way too much money. This is when it sucks not having a man at home.

I'm on call tonight, but I doubt I'll have to go in because she scheduled two people besides herself anyway. If they both call in then there's something wrong here. Besides, I may not have a sitter tonight depending on how the day progresses.

Tomorrow is Dungeons and Dragons day so I'll be doing that most of the day (from about noon until about 6). Maybe getting together with a friend tomorrow night, that will also depend on how today progresses.

Sunday... well Sunday will likely be laundry day then we have a floor set Sunday night. I'll be rocking Kid Girl with Joy... ohhhh Joy! HA!

Anyway, on to the randoms of Friday Randoms...

I have a pain in my right Bicep, and I don't think it's DOMS only because it's not a constant pull, only when I straighten my arm out. It's enough to keep me off the weights for a few days, but I need to get some cardio in.

Bob said Loki ran away already because he had to leave him in brownsville while he went to Eagle Pass. Maybe he'll be hanging around the office when Bob gets back.

Mason seems to be doing better, but he's really wheezy. I think I''m going to get him tested for ahsma.

My wall charger finally 100% quit so now I have to sit in my car when I need to charge my phone. That's quite annoying.

I hate when my morning routine doesn't go the way it's supposed to. I've gotten so used to getting a good morning text from a really good friend that when it doesn't happen it kind of makes the rest of the day suck.

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