Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday Randoms...

I am too tired to blog tonight...
I really need to go to bed.
Mason has a doctor's appointment with a new doctor tomorrow. It's a follow up to the ER visit on Monday. I hope we all like the new doctor and I hope they know their stuff.
We're going to look at houses tomorrow. I'm excited!
Bob comes home tomorrow. I can't wait!
I am starving, but I am too tired to go get something to eat. I should have stopped on my way back from picking the boys up.
I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese today and we actually survived lol
I miss you!
I am starting to look for a full time job. I hope I can find one quickly. I love Gymboree but it's just not enough hours.
Did I mention I am tired? lol
I love you!
That's all I got because I am too tired to think of more.

Good night and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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