Saturday, February 19, 2011

Perfect Saturday!

Did a little more shopping this morning with my babies. Then they went to spend some time with Miss Margie and Him (Scott).

It was Dungeons and Dragons Saturday too and we had two big fights (Thanks for that Rob...)! It was pretty freaking awesome and we're not done with the second one yet. Kind of bummed that we have to wait two weeks to play again (Thanks for that too Rob pft... just kidding). I don't feel awkward being the only girl anymore, I feel more at ease and like I actually belong there lol. Kind of bummed we're almost done, but I'm glad we have another game lined up already. I KNOW that game is going to be intense (pretty sure intense doesn't even begin to describe what's in store for us).

I'm pretty sure between the books I've been reading, Dungeons and Dragons, this new game we'll be starting soon, and the fact that I applied for a job at Lone Star Comics that my inner geek has been found and is coming out. I don't mind it one bit... in fact I think I even like it :P (we can thank Rob for that too).

At least I can pull off looking cute while I'm letting my inner geek out, I don't think any of the group will argue with the fact that I'm the best looking in the group. HA!!!!! Plus they like my food (or they're REALLY good liars lol).

After D&D Margie and Scott invited the boys and I to stay for dinner. We had some really amazing bar-b-que. Now the boys are tucked into bed and this mama is going to read and then hopefully watch a movie if she can stay up long enough.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay safe!!!

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