Saturday, February 26, 2011


I've been talking about Mason so much lately with all that's been going on. I figured I should blog about Patrick a little bit too.

My little peanut baby is growing up so fast. He's three now for those that don't know. He's an amazing big brother, but he always has been. He's never shown signs of jealousy towards Mason. He's always been very hands on and he loves his bubba.

We never were able to get him into speech classes. We had them set up in Lewisville, but then we moved to Abilene and they fell on the back burner. He's doing so much better with his language just on his own though. I swear every day this child finds new words to say. Right now his favorite phrase is "guess what" he says it before every sentence just about. The one time it melts my heart though is when he comes running up to me "MAMA!!!! Guess what? I LOVE YOU!!!", then he'll tell Mason "I love you bubba, but you can't talk I know you love me too". Is that not the cutest thing EVER???

He says his new "Woody Buzz" shoes make him run faster fast. He'd rather wear his cowboy boots though. He looks so much like his daddy, and he's still my skinny little boy. His 3T pants all fall off of him, but the 2Ts are all too short. It won't be long before Mason is bigger than him.

He loves to help mama cook, and he is so independent. He's very much into cars, trains, football, basketball, baseball, legos, and Elmo.

I'm crying while I write this because it's hard to believe that he's growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was pacing the floors in Chicago waiting for the contractions to make it to two hours so we could go to the hospital.

Mama loves you Boo!

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