Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WOW! It's been a minute

We lost our internet in the winter storm we got last week. If you visited my blog you may have seen some random posts with random characters and letters. That would be my phone's way of posting to the blog. I am back now though so we will return to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

What's been happening this week?

Wednesday was my Dad and Dana's surgery. If you don't remember my sister, Dana, donated a kidney to my dad. Everything went well. Dana went home yesterday and my dad will be leaving the hospital tomorrow.

On Sunday I had to take Mason to the emergency room because he was running a temp of 105!!!!! He has bronchitis, double ear infection, and viral conjunctivitis. Poor baby!!! I was up there all alone and luckily Margie and Scott came and picked Patrick up so I could concentrate on getting Mason's temp down before it caused serious damage.

We're expecting more snow tomorrow so hopefully the internet doesn't go down again.

It feels good to be back!!! Oh and I dyed my hair black :)

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