Tuesday, March 29, 2011

15 months

Skeebs is 15 months old today!!! Where has the time gone?

He's 21 pounds, sleeps 9-12 hours a night, walks and runs. His favorite food is EVERYTHING, the only things he doesn't like is brussels sprouts. He loves playing with his big brother. They play peek a boo, cars, coloring, and trucks.

His favorite thing to do is sit in the cabinets lol. He says dada, mama, bubba, eat, thanks, hi, love you, cat, doggy, ick, and for the first time today he said cup.

His hair is getting lighter and lighter, but he still looks just like his mama. He's so smart, just like Patrick, trying to figure out how things work.

Oh and he brings me a diaper when he's wet or dirty.

He's still on his breathing treatments and allergy meds.

He's growing up way too fast and before I know it he's going to be TWO...gasp!!!!

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