Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Boys!

I got the call from the speech therapist today. She'll be here Tuesday morning at 9:00 to evaluate Patrick. He still isn't where he needs to be for a three year old. We'll start with some tests and an evaluation then go from there.

Mason is doing well. He hasn't wheezed in a week!!!! He'll be on his meds for at least three months before we determine if he can be off them. If he wheezes at all during that three months his three months starts over.

They are both getting so big and growing up so fast. I think Patrick senses the change because he's been acting out a lot this week. Mason stood by the window today and pointed outside and said DA DA over and over again. It also hit me today that I can't just walk into the store and buy them a new toy anymore. I don't have the money to do that. Mason wanted this Imaginex toy so bad today and it broke my heart that I couldn't buy it for him. Luckily Patrick had some money he'd been saving so he was able to get a new toy and he shared some of his money with his bubba so he could get a new toy too (though not the one he wanted).

But it's all good because one day my boys will have everything they ever wanted and I'll be sure of that!!!

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