Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Randoms...

  • I won the first dart game which means I won my first ever dart game that wasn't for fun or practice!!!
  • I got extra hours at work next week!!! 
  • I can't even begin to describe the support system I have right now. People I've met only a handful of times have offered to help me with anything I may need.
  • I have the most amazing friends and family!!!
  • I think I'm getting sick :(
  • I'm cold but I'm too lazy to go get a blanket lol
  • I should go to bed
  • IMYLM...
  • ...ILYLC!!!
  • Thinking about making a trip to Arkansas to see Lindsey and Curtis
  • I'm playing Peggle on the Xbox and the music is stuck in my head
  • I need to clean my house!
  • I wish someone would come wash my dishes lol
  • Tonight was soooo much better than last Thursday night

1 comment:

Mrs. P said...

Well, what are you waiting on missy?