Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday Thankfuls

My thankfuls are pretty short this week...

I'm thankful for Margie and Scott!!!! Without you guys I don't know what I would do. I couldn't ask for anyone better to watch my babies when I have to work. You guys are the best!!!

I'm thankful for our home office for giving Gymboree more man hours to schedule. I'm also thankful to my manager for giving me more hours than the other team members for two weeks in a row. You rock and I rock and now I know you know I rock! lol

I'm thankful for my friends! Both E-friends and IRL friends. You guys have listened to me bitch, cheered me up, congratulated me when something good happens and laughed with me many times. I appreciate all of you. I especially my friends who stay up all night texting me because I can't sleep. I'm pretty sure none of those friends read my blog but here's your shout out anyway in case you peek in here sometime lol

I'm thankful for Bob...yes I said it... he gave me two handsome babies, he's being very generous with our agreement and I still have a car and an apartment.

I'm thankful to my mom and dad for making such a beautiful daughter... HAHA I actually had someone tell me today to tell my mom and dad thanks for making such a beautiful daughter lmao!!!

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