Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We found ourselves back in the doctor's office for Mason today. He started with a runny nose and coughing last night. He was wheezing so bad by the time we got there it was audible and she didn't have to try very hard to hear it. His pulse ox was 93 and we did a breathing treatment. He was able to go home because his pulse ox came up to 94 after the treatment.

Since it's only been about 3 weeks since his last episode he will now be on 2 every day meds for at least 3 months. If he can go 3 months without wheezing then they will start to ween him off. If he can't then he stays on until he can.

It breaks my heart to see my baby suffer like this. :( I wish I could suffer instead of him.

I am still a bit sore too, but it comes and goes. I'm back to normal activity (though I haven't been to the gym yet).

Still no news on the house as of yet. We should hear something today though.

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