Saturday, March 5, 2011

So Tired

I am beyond tired of doctor offices and the emergency room. I've spent more time in these places the past month than I have ever.

Tonight's visit was for myself though not Mason...

I was going to start my tomato and pepper plants today so I went to sit on the steps outside so we didn't make a mess in the house. Patrick and Mason followed me outside and my hands were full. Mason just started climbing the steps two days ago so I was trying to keep him away from the steps. I went to sit down quickly to keep him blocked from the steps. I sat down too fast and missed the step. I hit the edge of the step with my tailbone instead.

I instantly stood up and tears filled my eyes. The pain was crazy! I've given med free birth twice and let me tell you, the pain I felt today was so much worse than natural child birth. It hurt to laugh, cough, sneeze, sit, stand, walk, and lay down. I managed to get Mason in bed and Patrick watched tv while I took some ibuprofen and laid on the couch. I called Mom and Matt so they could come over and help me.

When they finally got here I decided to go get it checked out because the pain was still pretty intense. While in the ER I was able to walk until I got x-rays. I had to lay flat on my back for the x-rays and let me  tell you... that was BRUTAL. I was in so much pain I wanted to throw up. After the x-rays I made him take me to my room in a wheel chair. There was no way I was walking all the way back over there.

My diagnosis is a bruised tailbone. Because I am allergic to codeine and hydrocodone my options of pain management are pretty limited. The doctor wrote me a prescription and I have to alternate them with Motrin. I also have to take stool softeners (I'm sure you all wanted to know that lol). The only thing I can do is pain management and rest. Mom and Matt are staying here to help me with the boys. I'm written out of work for three days which means no floor set for me this week. I know my manager is going to be upset, but what can I do?!

I have to sit on a pillow and I need Matt's cane to get up. I'm sure I am going to be quite the sight at Dungeons and Dragons tomorrow.

Hopefully this is the last ER visit for the Tankersley family for a while. Have a great Saturday!!!

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