Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is my 200th post on here. I'm glad that it came today because I have big news to share...

After a long 2 year wait, my dad is finally getting his kidney transplant. Luckily for us my sister was a perfect match and she is going to donate a kidney to dad. The wait has been so long because my dad had to lose some weight to be sure he was healthy enough for the transplant. Since August he's lost 132 pounds.
Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday February 2nd at 11:00 am at Harris Methodist Fort Worth. My sister, Dana, will go in Tuesday night and they'll do her surgery and have her in recovery while they start dad's surgery. My dad is a police officer for a small town in West Texas, he has a wife, 4 kids, and 6 grandkids. Please keep him and my sister in your thoughts and prayers.

I will be taking the boys to Abilene on Tuesday (hopefully if I have the gas to get there) after work so I can be at the hospital with the family all day Wednesday. I'm on call Wednesday night so hopefully they don't need me since I'd go in right as dad's getting out of surgery.

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