Saturday, January 29, 2011


Boot camp was pure torture lol

We did lunges, squats, side lunges, reverse lunges, and sprints for cardio and worked abs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms for strength training. 

I never thought I'd be thankful for a dirty diaper, but when they came and got me to change Patrick I was relieved... until I went to walk down the stairs. I almost didn't make it. HA!

After boot camp I had my fitness assessment, but she didn't make me workout since I just finished her class. She said I did a good job and she can tell I know what I am doing. 

We made a work out plan and I'll be hitting the gym 6 days a week. I'll do 30-45 minutes of cardio each day and I'll change the routine up each time so I don't hit a plateau. I'll also do a full body workout 4 days a week. We're confident this is exactly what I need to achieve my goals.

I'm debating taking tomorrow off and starting the new routine on Monday. Give the muscles in my legs a chance to relax.

I have to say thought that even though I complain about the pain I love the way it feels... when you tear your muscles down to the point that you can't sit down, you just fall until you hit the chair. :)

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