Saturday, January 15, 2011

District Meeting Recap

Wednesday night was the welcome social. We gathered in the atrium and were introduced to the first time attendees. I was able to catch up with some of my fellow spouses along with quite a few employees. I met some people for the first time.

Thursday morning the spouses gathered downstairs for breakfast...

After breakfast we participated in the "Kiewit Ranch" which was a team building event where we were split into teams (my team being the yellow team) and competed against other teams to win fake money that would come into play later in the day. After everyone was finished with the stations we used our funny money to "go shopping" to buy silly clothes that we would need for later in the afternoon.

Danielle was a good sport, being our model...

After we had our outfit picked out and our model dressed the real fun began...

Each team had to come up with their own version of a can can dance and perform it for all the other teams and three judges. Ours is quite embarrassing so you won't be seeing any of the other pictures and for sure you won't be seeing the video.

Thursday night was Thorn's Biergarten...
Where they did the Chicken Dance...         WAY.TOO.MANY.TIMES!!!!!!

Friday morning the spouses were able to choose between breakfast with the employees or room service. I chose room service since my employee wasn't there. It was an incredible breakfast. After breakfast I had an appointment at 9:50 for the pampered spouse event. We got 20 minute massages and free goodies from Bath Junkie. We had raffles and a wonderful lunch. We also had a full open bar starting at 8:30 am lol 

Friday night Bob made it in time for dinner, which was great!!! The night time entertainment Friday was "Kiewit Goes Global" 

All in all it was a great time. There were some embarrassing moments and I did get spit on by one of the "BETA" teenagers, and there was a stomach bug going around the daycare, but it was good fun still.

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