Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swagbucks is the Community That Pays

I've been honored with the chance to be part of the Swagbucks Blogging Program. I am grateful I am able to bring fun and exciting Swagbucks related posts to my readers.

Today we are talking about the new, Free Games Swagbucks offers to their members.  The games go live today for all Swagbucks members. I've been honored with the the chance to try these games out through a special beta program.

There are puzzle games, word games, arcade games. You can play for free for the chance to win swagbucks or you can enter tournaments (this costs swagbucks) to win more swagbucks.  The games seem to be running well and I did not experience any bugs while I was playing. I was able to try out most of the games at least once to get a good idea of how things work. My favorite being the puzzle games. I entered a couple of tournaments and came in third place on one of them. All of the games I was able to try out appear to be user friendly with good graphics, great sounds, and easy controls.

Have no idea what Swagbucks are? If you click the first link in this post it will take you to the how it works page. Basically Swagbucks is a search engine, similar to other search engines, only with Swagbucks you have an opportunity to earn Swagbucks. You can then redeem them in the Swag Store where you can earn things like Amazon gift cards, jewelry, clothing, office supplies etc.

For today only, if you sign up (click on Free Games at the beginning of the post) for swagbucks you have a chance to start off with bonus swagbucks. Enter the code SBGames (case sensitive) in the code box during sign up and you'll get 30 swagbucks added to your account. Add that to the 30 Swagbucks everybody gets for signing up already and you start out with 60 swagbucks. That's awesome!!!!

From Swagbucks: Please be aware that this is a Flash-based games portal that we've enlisted some outside developers to create with us.

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