Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Madness

Today (Sunday) I hit the gym for 90 minutes of moderate weight training. Mom and Matt came over this afternoon and helped me with the boys while I cleaned the apartment. I was able to get 90% of it done (still have dishes that need washing). I forgot I was on call tonight and when I remembered it turned out they needed me to come in. We had a floor set tonight and it was the first time I had my own section. I was the first one finished (imagine that) and I was also the only one the manager complimented directly. It was a good night. I am sore as heck though.

I am thinking about going to the gym tomorrow too. I have an appointment at 3:10 and I need to clean my car out.

Tuesday I work 12-3 and I am so not looking forward to the ugly weather. The wonderful Margie is watching the boys for me since Matt has a doctor's appointment. Gym today!

Wednesday is the surgery so I'll be at the hospital all day. I was on call Wednesday night but Joy and Sherial said there is NO WAY I am going in. Even if Rachel calls in sick, if I report for my call in shift I'm in trouble. They said I will NOT be working that night no matter what. I <3 them!!!!

Thursday--- IDK what's going on Thursday. I can't even remember if I work or not... I need to check that. I will be at the gym at some point in time.

Friday I think I work and of course I'll be in the gym. Maybe I'll do some baking tonight.

Saturday I'll hit the gym bright and early for some cardio then I think it's D&D weekend.

Random side note: I somehow managed to cut my finger open while I was giving the boys their bath tonight... IDK how I did it, but it hurts.

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MoonNStarMommy said...

Mystery owies are the worst!! I think they end up bugging you more just cuz you have no clue how you even got it!

I am new to your blog :) I have given you an award, (specifically for recently found blogs!) ... I hope that you enjoy and it can be found ....