Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of those days...

Let's start by saying I got two new piercings last week and they are still healing. I started the day out hitting one of them and it hurt pretty freaking bad.

I have one person in my contacts on my phone that I normally text all the time. They were having a bad day at work today so my phone was awfully quiet, this made me sad.

Patrick decided today would be a good day to pour juice on Mason's head every time I turn my back to him.

I met up with a friend this afternoon and we had milk and cookies so that was the best part of my day. :) IMYLM...

After milk and cookies the boys and I ran to the store where the bottom ball to my tongue ring came loose and got stuck in my throat. I was able to get it out.

Also during the trip to the store Mason decided he would like to throw the relish and it landed on my foot, and now I have a small cut on my toe.

As we're headed home, out of nowhere appears a freaking wheel barrow in the middle of the road. I had to swerve to keep from hitting it.

Then once I get on the freeway my trunk pops open for no reason at all.

When I get home Patrick decides he doesn't want to mind at all and enjoys throwing toys all over the place.

I hit the other piercing at this point and it still freaking hurts. Not to mention my tooth is killing me.

In other news I chose my product for my CSNstores.com review so stay tuned for that coming up sometime in the beginning of February depending on how soon it gets here. I also have it on good authority that I am expecting something else in the mail soon. THAT is what I am looking forward to the most. I can't wait to see what it is.

I managed to get both boys to bed early so I am off to dreamland myself. Imagine that... Me in bed before 10:00. Hope I can actually get to sleep (without crying).

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